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3 Things to Look for When Finding the Perfect Aesthetic Injector

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3 Things to Look for When Finding the Perfect Aesthetic Injector


From wrinkles relaxers to enhancements with volumising fillers, these incredible treatments can transform the confidence of patients and have them looking and feeling incredible. With this in mind, performing these treatments demands an acute mix of scientific knowledge, treatment expertise and an innate understanding of how to achieve your desired look.

At +Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on creating natural, undetectable results that designed to leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated, not frozen. We carry these principles into every patient appointment and pair our treatment expertise with a goal to enhance your natural features, not exacerbate them.


The aesthetics industry has experienced an exciting boom over the past few years which means when it comes to choosing your aesthetic injector, there is no shortage of options available, but we’re sad to inform you that not every service is made the same. Often, patients can be enticed by price or convenience but when it comes to treatments that alter the appearance of your key features, we encourage you to prioritise skill and expertise over price.


Today, we’re sharing three of the key qualities to have at the forefront of your mind when selecting your aesthetic injector.


The power of consultation

A consultation can tell you a lot about any aesthetic treatment provider, particularly one working with injectables. This is the ultimate opportunity to get to know your injector and ensure they’re the best fit for your aesthetic goals. Your consultation prior to treatment should not be fleeting and your treatment provider should feel confident answering any question you have regarding your treatment, the experience and what to expect following it.


Treatments of this kind require more than a certificate on the wall, but the experience to back it up. Don’t be afraid to ask your treatment provider how long they’ve been performing treatments, any past client results they can share with you, the brand of formulations they use during treatments and their recommendations to achieve your aesthetic goals. If you feel that they’re hesitant to provide these insights, or don’t have them available, they may not be the treatment provider for you!


An exceptional consultation should leave you feeling informed, empowered, and excited about any treatment to come and if you’re not getting those vibes from your experience, it’s time to consider a new clinic.


What is their treatment approach?

It’s integral to know your treatment provider’s injecting style and approach to treatment to ensure it is aligned with your aesthetic goals. For us, we’re all about enhancing your natural features and leaving you looking refreshed rather than an overdone or ultra-noticeable result, so we ensure that our patients are aware of our treatment approach during the consultation experience.

If you’re unsure what approach will be right for your aesthetic goals, you should feel confident in asking your treatment provider for their professional recommendation. This is an opportunity for you to ensure they’re not suggesting more than you’re comfortable with or a treatment out of your budget. On the flipside, if you’ve requested more than what your provider feels is necessary, it’s a fantastic sign if they speak up and guide you towards a more appropriate approach. Its these qualities that see an extraordinary injector shine over an ordinary one.


Can you easily access results and reviews?

It’s likely that you’ve headed online to research treatments such as anti-ageing treatments in your area. The online experience of your chosen treatment provider should have you feeling excited for your consultation thanks to the social proof they’ve provided on the likes of their social media channels and website.


The sign of a great aesthetic injector is one that is not shy to share the abundance of fantastic before and after results they have achieved for their patients. These should come with no shortage of 5-star reviews on Google and in comments on social media. If these resources are scarce or worse, not to be seen at all, despite the provider raving about their skills, it doesn’t leave you with a lot of confidence.


Accessing the likes of results and reviews from past patients gives you an idea of the treatment approach your provider takes and the efficacy of their treatments. As you can find on our own social media channels, @plus_aesthetics, we share a snippet into each patient’s treatment journey as well as their result to give you an idea of the services they’ve undertaken, and the timeframes used to achieve the result. The more informed we can make you feel, even prior to making an appointment, the better! It’s all about confidence, not just in your results but the team helping you achieve them.


If you’d like any more information on the injectables services we have available at +Aesthetics, please visit our website or book a consultation to discover the perfect treatment journey for your goals.