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Skin Treatments for Scars

An unfortunate result of acne is scarring. Acne scars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but indentations and textural changes of the skin are consistent throughout all types.

Acne, especially cystic acne, destroys skin tissue and elasticity. Acne scarring is caused by two potential issues during the healing process - the lack of skin tissue regeneration or the overproduction of collagen. 

The two major categories of acne scarring are Atrophic and Hypertrophic. Atrophic, or depressed, scarring results in indentations in the skin - commonly referred to as ice pick, rolling, or boxcar. After the cyst has healed, the tissue may not fully regenerate, resulting in indentations on the skin. 

Hypertrophic, or keloid, scarring is a result of too much collagen produced during the healing process. This causes lesions of scar tissue that appear raised off the skin.

Both types of scarring can be significantly reduced through a number of treatments offered at +Aesthetics.

Suggested Treatments: