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LED Light Therapy In Baulkham Hills

LED Therapy is a natural non-invasive skin treatment that utilises specific wavelengths of natural light to restore your skin’s health and promote youthful, radiant skin.


The energy delivered by the LED enhances cellular metabolism - meaning the light emitted stimulates the body’s natural repair mode increasing collagen, circulation, and improving the function of the lymphatic system. These processes work simultaneously to result in younger, healthier skin.

One of the immense benefits of LED Therapy is the total lack of recovery downtime. At +Aesthetics, our LED Therapy treatment is entirely painless, non-invasive and non-abrasive. Lasting only 30 minutes, patient’s experience a warm and gentle sensation similar to lying in the sun without residual heat.

Like everything we do in our clinic, we made a considered decision when choosing our LED technology.
It not only had to deliver exceptional skin results, but it needed to be of the highest quality for our clients. That’s where the Healite || comes in. An award-winning, TGA-approved LED technology, we chose this technology because it is arguably the very best in the industry. Offering 3 powerhouse LED wavelengths, our LED technology is the perfect lunch break skin treat or an exciting new add-on to your existing skin treatment.


Depending on your age and skin condition, treatments are recommended 2 times a week over the course of 4-6 weeks as a stand alone treatment. We strongly recommend combining LED Therapy with other treatments such as SkinPen Needling, and  HydraFacial™ to experience the best overall results.


After the first treatment, you can expect smoother, more radiant skin. Over time as the LEDs continue to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, results will gradually improve with each session.


Thanks to our Healite || technology, we’re excited to offer three leading LED wavelengths in our clinic.


Anyone that has experienced acne and breakouts knows the frustration of the inflammation that comes with them. Blue Light LED (415nm) is a saving grace for many blemished complexions as not only does it destroy acne-causing bacteria, but it soothes and calms the associated redness too. A powerful antibacterial treatment, Blue Light LED is responsible for killing of acne bacteria and helping bring blemished skin back into balance. This not only supports clearing existing acne but thanks to the slowed oil production, helps to prevent future breakouts.


For exceptional skin rejuvenation, available at +Aesthetics is our Yellow LED Light (830nm) which is the ultimate skin calmer and nurturer. Yellow Light LED is regularly used to calm inflammation and support accelerated wound healing. An ideal choice following invasive procedures, surgery or injury, Yellow Light LED reduces the downtime associated with skin trauma and supports a reduced appearance of bruising and scarring. For those experiencing skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, Yellow Light LED offers a soothing, nurturing break from their well-known irritation.


LED Therapy also pairs well with Lymphatic Drainage. Lymphatic Drainage is a form of gentle massage that is used to encourage blood flow, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation.


For more information or to schedule a booking, please call +Aesthetics in Baulkham Hills, NSW at (02) 9688 7898. Please note, we also service Northmead, Baulkham Hills and Bella Vista areas.