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How to know if you’ve found the right practitioner for your skin journey

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How to know if you’ve found the right practitioner for your skin journey

Selecting the right practitioner to support your skin journey should be no different to choosing any other professional like your personal trainer, physiotherapist or even hairdresser. They all possess the knowledge and expertise that you need to achieve a particular goal but as we know, this experience can vastly differ.

So, what makes a good practitioner? If you’ve been considering beginning your skin journey but are unsure of what to look for in the right treatment provider, look no further. We’ve highlighted some of our non-negotiables when finding the right practitioner and the difference they can make to your results and experience.

They walk the walk and talk the talk

Don’t be afraid to ask your practitioner about their qualifications and experience, especially if this is your first time visiting them. If you’re visiting your practitioner for services such as anti-wrinkle relaxers, they need to have industry recognized accreditation's that they can confidently share with you.

Having confidence in the expertise of your practitioner is integral and will make your expertise so much more enjoyable! We proudly showcase our team’s qualifications on our website to ensure that each and every one of our clients know they’re in the best hands at +Aesthetics.

They ask you questions (and let you ask them too)

We believe that you’ve found the right practitioner if they ask you questions and let you do the same. Open and honest communication with your practitioner is going to support you to achieve your skin and aesthetic goals. Honesty and integrity are at the forefront of everything we do, and we ensure that our clients feel informed and empowered before experiencing any of our treatments.

A good practitioner will ask you questions about the current skincare products you’re using, treatments you’ve had in the past, history of skin concerns, your goals for your skin, what you like or don’t like about your current routine and any if you have any questions about the treatments we’ve recommended. Being equipped with all of this information only strengthens our ability to deliver incredible results for you and ensure you love every moment of your time in our clinic.

They actually assess your skin

If your practitioner hasn’t conducted a thorough consultation before recommending products or treatments, how can you be sure they’re actually what your skin needs?

Consultation is so important and a non-negotiable in our space, but we find that time and time again, new clients are visiting us having never experienced a consultation before. Guesswork just isn’t our style!

It gives us the opportunity to get to know you and understand your skin on a deeper level, especially after our digital skin scan. We believe you’ve found the right practitioner for your skin journey when they take out any guesswork, actually know what’s going on with your skin and craft your treatment plan around what they find.

They have multiple solutions for you

You’ve found the right practitioner if they offer you a variety of solutions for both in the clinic and at-home. We understand that skin isn’t a one size fits all approach and that budgets and timeframes can vary considerably which is why a good practitioner will provide you options that match your expectations.

For example, if you’re visiting +Aesthetics to tackle your acne concerns, we may recommend a variety of in-clinic skin treatments, like LED light therapy, peels or HydraFacial treatments as well as targeted at-home products to add to your routine. For some, they’re ready to purchase all of the above but for others, beginning slowly with LED treatments and a high-performance serum leaves them with confidence. It’s all about your skin health journey and what works best for you – you’ve found the right practitioner if they respect that and support you accordingly.

They give you a road map

As we all know, transforming the skin is not an overnight process. In fact, for some, it can take months! The key to finding the right practitioner is one that shares this road map with you and provides you with realistic and measurable time-frames.

If a practitioner claims to transform your skin overnight, they might not be the right one for you! Whereas a practitioner that establishes a holistic and proactive treatment plan, is much more likely to achieve those long-term results.

Your practitioner should paint a picture of what the next steps look like for you and how you can achieve your skin goals both in and out of the clinic. This includes prescribing appropriate skincare and taking into considering environmental and lifestyle factors too.

Ready to take control of your skin with a team that delivers results? Look no further than +Aesthetics. Visit our website to explore our comprehensive treatment menu and book your consultation online.