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NEW to +Aesthetics - Healite II LED Phototherapy

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NEW to +Aesthetics - Healite II LED Phototherapy

Why LED Light Therapy should be a part of your skin health routine

Would you believe us if we said there was a skin treatment that treats the signs of ageing, calms inflammation, treats breakouts, diminishes pigmentation and restores your complexion? What if we said it could all be done in your lunch break? Yes, it’s true! It’s called LED light therapy and it’s the exciting new technology to hit the +Aesthetics treatment room.

 Like everything we do in clinic, we made a considered decision when choosing our LED technology. It not only had to deliver exceptional skin results, but it needed to be of the highest quality for our clients. That’s where the Healite || comes in. 

An award-winning, TGA-approved LED technology, we chose this technology because it is arguably the very best in the industry. Offering 3 powerhouse LED wavelengths, our LED technology is the perfect lunch break skin treat or an exciting new add-on to your existing skin treatment.

Today, we’re going to showcase what is LED light therapy and why adding it onto your next +Aesthetics treatment is one of the best decisions you can make for your skin.

What is LED light therapy and how does it work?

LED, or Light Emitting Diode, was first formulated by NASA scientists to support the health and wellbeing of astronauts in space. This technology has come a long way since then and is now celebrated as one of the most forward-thinking approaches to skin rejuvenation.

LED works by activating the energy in our skin cells known as the mitochondria. When we lay under the LED lights, a message is sent to our skin cells to accelerate their function and start working to stimulate change in our skin. Each LED wavelength triggers a different response which is why it’s able to achieve so many phenomenal skin results.

What makes LED light therapy so special is that it achieves this without the need of any downtime or discomfort! Simply lay back and relax under the LED lights and following your 30-minute session, you’re free to return to your daily activities. Many find LED treatments incredibly relaxing and use the time under the light to rest, listen to a podcast or even have a quick powernap!

What LED wavelengths are available at +Aesthetics?

Thanks to our Healite || technology, we’re excited to offer three leading LED wavelengths in our clinic.

Anyone that has experienced acne and breakouts knows the frustration of the inflammation that comes with them. Blue Light LED (415nm) is a saving grace for many blemished complexions as not only does it destroy acne-causing bacteria, but it soothes and calms the associated redness too. A powerful antibacterial treatment, Blue Light LED is responsible for killing of p.acne bacteria and helping bring blemished skin back into balance. This not only supports clearing existing acne but thanks to the slowed oil production, helps to prevent future breakouts.

For exceptional skin rejuvenation, available at +Aesthetics is our Yellow LED Light (830nm) which is the ultimate skin calmer and nurturer. Yellow Light LED is regularly used to calm inflammation and support accelerated wound healing. An ideal choice following invasive procedures, surgery or injury, Yellow Light LED reduces the downtime associated with skin trauma and supports a reduced appearance of bruising and scarring. For those experiencing skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, Yellow Light LED offers a soothing, nurturing break from their well-known irritation.

How long does a treatment take?

LED treatments take just 15-30-minutes which makes them the perfect skin rejuvenation solution for nearly every schedule! Even the most time poor can enjoy the benefits of advanced skin technology thanks to swift and effective LED sessions.

How many LED treatments do I need?

We recommend a course of LED treatments to kickstart your skin rejuvenation process. Over a 4-6 week period, we’d love to invite you into our clinic 2 times each week to experience the benefits of LED light therapy. From there, LED can become part of your weekly, fortnightly or monthly skin health routine.

Does LED light therapy hurt?

Absolutely not. LED is completely pain free and incredibly relaxing. Many like to enjoy a nap under the warm lights!

Can I combine LED light therapy with other treatments?

We love combining LED light therapy with other +Aesthetics treatments such as HydraFacial, fillers and skin needling. During your next appointment, ask to add-on LED to your treatment and we’d be delighted to match you with a wavelength that suits you best.