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Why you should be treating your skin to a HydraFacial™ appointment

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Why you should be treating your skin to a HydraFacial™ appointment

Why you should be treating your skin to a HydraFacial™ appointment

Without a doubt, when we think of our most popular non-surgical treatments, HydraFacial™ is quickly at the top of that list. Going beyond what you’ve ever achieved in a 30-minute facial and well beyond your traditional microdermabrasion services, HydraFacial™ is expert facial technology at its finest.

Now, you may have noticed that the team at HydraFacial™ claim that their treatment is 30-minutes to the best skin of your life and yes, that’s a big call to make! Fortunately, we believe that the HydraFacial™ results speak for themselves and regular treatment lovers will be obsessed with their fresh new complexion.

Today, we’re talking all things HydraFacial™ and why across the globe, this must-have treatment is performed every 15-seconds.

HydraFacial™ moves beyond what you know about traditional microdermabrasion

One of the most common questions we’re asked is whether HydraFacial™ is “the same as microdermabrasion” so we thought we’d begin this blog by debunking that myth.

HydraFacial™ uses patent technologies such as their Vortex delivery system to not only deeply purify the skin but allow for the concentrated delivery of antioxidants, nutrients and hydrators into the skin for both instantaneous and long-term results.

The treatment differs from microdermabrasion primarily because it is a multi-step skin treatment where microdermabrasion uses just the one modality. Microdermabrasion is traditionally treating the skin at a superficial level and isn’t entirely customisable to different skin types and concerns. This is why many with sensitive or reactive skin types find microdermabrasion too aggressive rather than beneficial for skin rejuvenation.

HydraFacial™, on the other hand, incorporates multiple techniques and modalities such as peels, extractions, hydration and infusion to build on each step of the treatment. At every stage, the treatment is customised to match your skin’s needs which means that every time you visit us for a HydraFacial™ treatment, your experience will be completely bespoke.

The three steps of HydraFacial™

Now that you know HydraFacial™ is incomparable to a traditional microdermabrasion treatment, let’s take a look at the three essential steps that make up your HydraFacial™ experience.

Stage 1: Cleanse and Peel

The first step of your HydraFacial™ treatment uses both patented Hydropeel Tips and HydraFacial™ serums to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This prepares the skin for a mild skin peel that offers additional exfoliation, softening the pores for stage two of the treatment.

Stage 2: Extract and Hydrate

If you’ve experienced breakouts and congestion, you’ll know that extraction treatments can be painful and uncomfortable. This is where HydraFacial™ truly shines as the technology effectively vacuums out blackheads, dirt and other impurities with zero discomfort. In addition to these effective and comfortable extractions, your skin is hydrated with a burst of hydrating serums that are customised to what your skin needs most.

Stage 3: Fuse and Protect

The final stage of your HydraFacial™ treatment seals and protects the hard work the technology can done in stages one and two. This is where you’ll experience the HydraFacial™ glow that its biggest fans rave about! With a fresh and refined complexion, your skin is nourished with powerful antioxidants that work to counteract free radical damage and peptides to support stronger, radiant and youthful looking skin.

HydraFacial™ is suitable for a range of skin types

HydraFacial™ proudly shares that they “don’t have a type” and instead, can be customised to suit all skin types and conditions!

The most outstanding HydraFacial™ results have been seen when treating the likes of fine line and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, pigmentation and sunspots, oiliness and congestion, enlarged pores, milia and dehydrated complexions. It’s safe to say that this impressive list means HydraFacial™ is one of the most inclusive non-surgical treatments available.

HydraFacial™ can be layered with other anti-ageing treatments

HydraFacial™ allows you to get the most out of other anti-ageing treatments during your visit to us!

Treatments such as LED light therapy go hand-in-hand with HydraFacial™ to further enhance the targeted treatment experience and accelerate your in-clinic results. Our LED technology has a full suite of wavelengths available, including red, blue, green and yellow light LED, which means we’re able to swiftly and effectively target your key skin concerns in every session 

If you’re looking to enhance detoxification during your HydraFacial™ experience, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Lymphatic drainage, a gentle yet detoxifying massage technique, is available as a HydraFacial™ upgrade to boost blood flow, remove toxins from the body and encourage an incredible glow from within.

With best results seen from regular HydraFacial™ treatments, we can customise your treatment experience with every visit.