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Vitamin A - resurfacing treatment

A rich yet mild exfoliating cream that resurfaces as it hydrates for smoother, softer-looking skin.

This unique stimulant heightens the activity of the skin to an active yet well tolerated level of remodelling. The key is utilizing Retinol A which is effectively penetrated using fruit acids in a cream base.

Define is mildly hydrating and suitable for most skin conditions. Define is a necessary part of Cosmedix® pre-peel protocol to prepare the skin for peeling treatments.

*Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women


Softens, conditions and hydrates the skin

Ideal pre-peel protocol

PM only.

Use only a small pea sized amount and pat onto face. Start by using every 3rd night and build up to every night if possible. Cannot be used if pregnant or lactating.

All skin

Lactic Acid

Aloe Vera

Vitamin A