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Cosmedix Elite

SERUM 24 30ml


SKU 1725
Only available as an in studio purchase. Enquire at (02) 9688 7898

Rapid renewal complex

Heralded as “youth in a bottle”, this ground-breaking serum drastically improves skin’s appearance, tone and texture.

Formulated with two forms of skin-restructuring Vitamin A, Serum 24 helps to achieve younger-looking skin by increasing cell turnover, lifting away visible damage, and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The addition of sodiums lactate, hyaluronate and PCA, as well as olive-derived squalene, serve to powerfully retain moisture and attain smoother, plumper skin. Meanwhile, the inclusion of Vitamin E provides potent antioxidant protection.

*Not recommended for pregnant or lactating women

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Encourages cell turnover

Improves skin tone


Apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin as tolerated every 1-3 nights, working up to nightly use. May be followed with moisturizer if additional hydration is needed.

Daily sunscreen use is mandatory.



Vitamin E

Vitamin A

Active Botanicals