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Is Your Mask Making You Break Out

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Is Your Mask Making You Break Out

Is your mask making you break out?


You’ve heard of the likes of ‘backne’ and ‘buttne’ but now ‘maskne’ is the leading breakout concern on our plates.


Caused by our increased wearing of masks, maskne is essentially, breakouts and congestions within the facial region covered by your mask. This is brought on by a multitude of reasons including the pores become blocked in the tightly shieled environment, bacteria cultivating thanks to heavy breathing, infrequent washing of reusable masks, lack of targeted skincare routine and of course, one that we can all attest to right now – stress.


So, how do we address maskne? Just like treating any kind of acne, it’s a multi-faceted approach that encompasses both your skincare and your lifestyle.


Read on to learn how to prevent maskne outbreaks and our recommended skin care treatments that you can perform in the comfort of your own home.


Keep your mask clean

When it comes to preventing maskne breakouts, keeping your mask clean is key. If you’re using a reusable mask, ensure that it’s being regularly washed to avoid the build-up of acne-causing bacteria. This may mean purchasing more than one, so you have easy access to fresh and clean masks whenever you need them. Masks crafted from silk or cotton support the prevention of maskne as they are more natural and breathable fabrics that help to prevent a build-up of moisture in the skin.


Your cleansing and exfoliating routine has never been more important

Regularly cleansing your skin is a great start to healthy and thriving skin at all stages of life, especially when preventing maskne. Right now, if you can avoid wearing makeup or at least minimal makeup, you’re going to support a maskne-free complexion. Whether you’re wearing makeup or not, it is important to cleanse your skin once you are home and your mask can be safely removed.  


Cosmedix Clarify Foaming Cleanser is a great choice as its super light texture removes excess oil and build-up without leaving the skin feeling stripped. It harnesses salicylic acid which is a must if you’re experience breakouts and congestion. This Beta Hydroxy Acid works within the pores to unclog the ‘glue’ holding congestion together and gives your congested skin a serious clean out.


For many experiencing breakouts, they immediately want to exfoliate it and ‘scrub away’ the impurities but unfortunately, this is going to do more harm than good! Harsh exfoliants can exacerbate breakouts and congestions and slow down their ability to heal and renew. Instead, we recommend a chemical exfoliant approach 2-3 times per week.


Chemical or liquid exfoliants, deliver a sophisticated exfoliating experience with no scrubbing or rubbing in sight. When harnessing the right ingredients, they actually work more effectively and travel to the source of the breakout rather than treating just the superficial layer. One that does just that is our SkinBetter Science Alpharet Exfoliating Peel Pads that celebrate three forms of exfoliating acids – lactic, salicylic and glycolic to work both on the skin’s surface and within the pores to reveal smoother and clearer skin.


A different kind of mask

A mask for a mask anyone? A targeted treatment mask can be a fantastic addition to your skincare routine, especially when trying to clear and purify the skin. When it comes to drawing out excess oil and impurities from the pores, clay-based masks are the hero. This is because clay minerals act like a magnet to acne-causing impurities, drawing them out and absorbing them.


We love the SkinBetter Science Refresh Detoxifying Mask as it not only harnesses natural ingredients to treat the appearance of breakouts but offers an abundance of soothing and calming benefits; something we know all breakout sufferers will appreciate.


With stress having a remarkable impact on the skin, we recommend applying your maskne-busting skincare routine as part of a beautiful self-care ritual. Apply your clay mask in a warm Epsom salt bath or whilst listening to your favourite podcast or guided meditation to ease both your skin and your mind, lower your cortisol levels and treat your skin from within.


If you’re experiencing the effects of maskne, visit our online store to get your hands on all of the aesthetic skin care brands featured in today’s blog.


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