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Your Eye Cream Questions Answered

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Your Eye Cream Questions Answered

Your Eye Cream Questions Answered


With what feels like a dedicated product for nearly every part of the body, why do people get so confused about whether they need an eye cream?


Your eyes can tell so many stories, including how your skin is feeling, how you’re caring for yourself and whether your skincare choices are delivering what your skin needs most.


Today, we’re talking all things eye cream and why they’re consistently the missing step in so many skincare routines. Eye creams are so much more than a ‘fancy moisturiser’ or marketing plot to get people purchasing more product. They’re specifically formulated cosmeceuticals to reveal brighter, firmer and more youthful looking eyes and seriously, who doesn’t want that?


Let’s jump right into it and answer some of your most frequently asked eye cream questions.  


Why does my eye area need specific skincare?

Your eye area requires specifically crafted skincare because it’s a much different kind of skin than the rest of your face. Unlike the likes of your forehead, chin and cheeks, your eye area has virtually no oil glands meaning it’s much more susceptible to dryness and dehydration.


This also means that the products you use on your face to combat the concerns aren’t always applicable to the eye area. By having specific eyecare products in your routine means that whilst you’re treating the likes of oiliness or pigmentation on your face, you can still be treating and preventing eye concerns too. 


The skin around your eyes is also incredibly thin, we’re talking 0.5mm level of thin! With this runs the risk of sensitivity, irritation and reactiveness. This is one of the key reasons why the ingredients in your regular skincare routine aren’t always suitable for the eye area and a specific product is a much better choice.


What’s the difference between my normal moisturiser and an eye cream?

Eye creams and specific eye products feature milder formulations when compared to your regular moisturisers. Whilst they may lean on the same ingredients such as peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, your eye products will be in lower concentrations.


This by no means they are ineffective, in fact they’ll achieve incredible results, but they’re able to do so in a gentle way that this delicate part of the skin needs.


Eye creams and eye products are traditionally very lightweight too which allows for not only quicker penetration into the skin but ensures the area is not being weighed down unnecessarily. Less is truly more in this scenario.


When should I start using an eye cream?

We believe that prevention is key to any skin concern. From age 20, we begin to produce less and less collagen each year which means we need to up our skincare and skin treatment game to prevent skin concerns from taking over including the signs of ageing. As the thinnest skin on our body, the eye area is one of the first signs of places you’ll notice the signs of ageing. This includes undereye bags, crow’s feet and dehydration.


In addition to ageing, the eye area is also where you’ll tell a story of your tiredness, stress and lifestyle habits with the likes of puffiness and dark circles making their way onto your face.


If you’ve experienced these concerns or you’re wanting to start preventing them, it’s time to get serious about eye cream. A professionally prescribed eye cream will help to not only minimise the appearance of fine lines but address inflammation, encourage drainage and circulation whilst hydrating and depuffing.


What eye creams can you recommend?

We turn to the experts at Cosmedix and SkinBetter Science when prescribing eye creams for our clients. Both their Eye Doctor and InterFuse® Treatment Cream have been specifically designed for the delicate eye area.


Cosmedix’s Eye Doctor harnesses the likes of liquid crystals and growth factors to smooth, strengthen and condition where SkinBetter Science turns to peptides and caffeine to plump, firm and hydrate.


Both are a daily application, suitable for all skin types and can be purchased in studio with our friendly team of experts.