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New season, new skin regiment! The importance of matching your skin health regime to the seasons.

New season, new skin regiment! The importance of matching your skin health regime to the seasons.

Autumn has well and truly kicked off and for many of us, our skin is feeling the effects! Just like we change our clothes for the chillier seasons, we have to consider what skincare and skin treatments our skin needs most.

The transition from hot to cold can disrupt the way our skin looks and feels which is why it’s important to introduce seasonal products into your routine. Now, don’t worry. We don’t mean completely overhaul your regime but instead, consider the products you’re using at home and treatments you’re booking in-clinic to ensure your skin is performing at its absolute best.

We recommend ensuring your daily skincare routine features these four essentials steps during the cooler months.

Firstly, a nourishing cleanser. During these chillier months, our skin will often produce less oil than it did in the Summer which is why you want to choose a cleanser that isn’t stripping your skin but rather nourishing it whilst removing dirt, impurities and makeup. To avoid that tight and dry feeling, choose a cleanser that helps the skin retain moisture.

Our Cosmedix Elite Gentle Clean does just that by utilising nourishing shea butter and botanical extracts to effectively remove dirt, grime and makeup without compromising the skin’s natural oils and moisture. It offers a soothing and calming cleanse that’s suitable for even sensitive skin types!

Secondly, an antioxidant-rich serum. We can’t go past our SkinBetter Science Alto Defense Serum which is loaded with 19 protective antioxidants. With the increase of wind and unpredictable weather, our skin is still heavily exposed to free radical damage. Applying a daily serum like our Alto Defense offers the skin a protective shield against these damaging aggressors whilst keeping the skin feeling nourished and restored.

Next, you’ll want a moisturiser that locks in hydration. We are all prone to turning up the heater, shower temperature or sitting in front of the hot fire when it’s chilly outside but whilst this is warming us up, it’s stripping our skin of hydration and moisture. SkinBetter Science have produced an incredible moisturiser that despite its lightweight texture, does an exceptional job at locking in long-term hydration and supporting a healthy skin barrier. Breakout-prone complexions need not worry as this moisturiser is also non comedogenic!

Finally, sun protection is still at the top of our skincare radar in the colder months. Whilst we might not see the sun shining throughout the day, this doesn’t mean our skin is any less exposed to UV damage. UVA damage is still just as prevalent during these months and contributes to significant acceleration of ageing and the appearance of uneven, pigmented skin tones. That’s why finishing your daily routine with SPF 50+ is a must. Our Aspect Envirostat SPF makes it easier than ever to protect your skin against UV damage whilst offering the soothing benefits of Vitamin E and sophisticated antioxidant protection.

Like many things in the cold, our skin’s natural shedding process slows down, and we need to support it by kick-starting our cell renewal process. In conjunction with an effective at-home exfoliant, we recommend booking in regular HydraFacial treatments.

HydraFacial’s unique vortex technology means that we’re able to target not just the dead skin requiring exfoliation but clogged pores and bacteria that’s leading to breakouts and uneven complexions. Paired with a refreshing, customised peel and active superstar serums, this triple-threat skin treatment is one of our go-to’s for keeping skin feeling bright and healthy during the colder seasons.

If you’ve caught the sun during Summer or been meaning to finally tackle unwanted pigmentation, Autumn and Winter are the perfect times to take control. Treatments like skin needling and peels are also fantastic for the colder months as we’re not heading back outside into scorching heat that can further exacerbate your concerns. By the time the social scene of Spring and Summer come along, your skin is in tip-top condition!

If it’s the season of taking control of your skin but you’re not sure where to begin, our professional consultations are the best place to start. Matching you with a treatment plan and at-home products that will perform best for your skin, our consultations allow us to get to know your skin better and ensure we’re supporting you as best as possible.

Ready to awaken your skin this Autumn? Explore our comprehensive treatment menu or book your consultation online to get started.

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